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Summary of the experience from the first-line store manager operating the indoor children's playground
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In recent years, many families go to indoor children’s parks not only for pure children’s play, but also for more children-related needs. Generally speaking, the service items of each indoor children’s park on the market are similar, with different focuses, but Basically, profit is based on children's play. This requires our operators to ensure the sustainable profitability of the park in standardized management.

1. Product analysis

1. What are the essential differences and characteristics of indoor children's playgrounds from other similar equipment? Dynamic, comprehensive, colorful, safe! Novelty and advancement! However, it should be noted that many children's amusement equipment of the same type may have different functions. When placing children's playground equipment, pay attention to the principle of complementarity between the amusement equipment. Amusement facilities with different functions should be put together as much as possible, so that to a large extent, the children can come and go back with pleasure. For example, educational playground equipment should be put together with sports playground equipment.

2. Mainly manifested in: Combining children's nature like jumping, climbing, drilling, sliding, rolling, swinging and shaking. Targeted design: rotating, swinging, inflatable, water-filled, visual, tactile, auditory, natural, animal, water, snowflake, forest and other products. Let children love to play, never tire of playing, and at the same time strive to strengthen their physique, develop their intelligence, exercise perseverance, and get comprehensive physical and mental development.

3. The product is widely loved by children and parents. The project is suitable for installation in shopping malls, supermarkets, playgrounds, communities and other places with dense children. Not limited by the size and shape of the venue. Low investment, simple management, low loss and high profit. For now, it is a good investment project.

2. Market research

1. They are all families with only one child. Providing a good growth environment for the next generation has become an indispensable obligation for modern families. For example, when a young parent chooses milk powder for his child, the first question he asks a salesperson in a shopping mall may be which milk powder is the best. The Jewish rule of business is to make money for children and money for women. So we don't think we need to consider whether parents will let children come to play with us for the time being, but we must consider how to let parents bring children to play with us.

2. Another aspect is whether there are enough potential customers around the store for our development. This is also what we need to know in the early stage. According to our experience, there are more than 300 families within a 500m radius of the surrounding area, which can provide enough traffic for an image store with a play area of less than 100 square meters.

3. The last aspect is that if our products are stationed near the community so far, they are still unique in the market, because professional indoor amusement parks like ours have no established competitors. Since our amusement park is indoor, the impact of weather on our operations is greatly reduced than other existing amusement projects.

3. Customer survey

Who are the target customers of the indoor children's playground: customers, who are our customers, some people will say children, yes, our customers are indeed those playing children. And when we redefine the customer, the mother of the child-parent-child activities, the child's grandparents-enjoy the fun of amusing grandchildren, the child's teacher-let the children's paradise be your amateur coach, the community neighborhood committee-the children's paradise is social An important harmony factor, in this way, customers are three-dimensional. The most popular way of saying is that those who are likely to pay are your potential customers.


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