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As long as you know how to operate, you can also earn money by opening a park in the community
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In this period of rapid development and rapid change, indoor children's playgrounds in major commercial districts are everywhere. It is not difficult to find that the parks opened in many large commercial districts are mostly large brands or large franchise stores. What about park investors who cannot afford high rents? Although it is easy to make a profit in the business district, it is not the only place where opening a park can be profitable; many investors will choose to open a children’s park in a community. So how to manage the park in the community?

1. Preliminary research

The area of the children's playground in the small area is recommended to be within the range of 100 to 600 square meters. The specific situation still needs to be considered the most practical according to the surrounding situation of the community where the park is located. Before determining the area of the park, the surrounding conditions of the community should be investigated first. The survey is mainly divided into the following points:


1. Count the number of people around the children's playground;

2. Understand the popularity and activity around the children's playground;

3. Evaluate the area of the children's playground and the customer groups that can be covered;

4. Investigate the number of potential customers and target customers in the children's playground, and whether there are periodic peaks in the flow of people, such as May Day, November, New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Children's Day, summer vacation, etc.;

5. Investigate whether there are competitors in the surrounding area, examine their business conditions, and compare the advantages and disadvantages of both parties;

6. Investigate the relatively concentrated gathering places in the community as the object of site selection.


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